About KPC Group

Shenzhen Kaoteng Products Company Limited is a wholly-owned company, the company was first established in 1980, named for Tony Lee Metal Ware Factory which was set up in Kwun Tong industrial area, Kowloon, Hong Kong, and merged with the Hong Kong Kaoteng Products Co., Ltd. in 1988, and set up factories specialized metal processing and manufacturing in Henggang, Shenzhen, China.  In order to handle the local and import and export business which including glass handicrafts, metal crafts, wood crafts legally, we set up another Self-employed workers factory named Kaoteng Decoration Glass Factory (Short title “Kaoteng Glass) self-employed workers, which is now collectively referred to as the Kaoteng Company. Sometimes companies are collectively known as the "Tony Lee Kaoteng Company Limited".  Due to China market touch with international market gradually from 2000 year, the regulation of government became more and more clear, and international market also gradually entered thin profit times, by meeting discussion the resolution as to maintained a certain profit, need to reduced cost and increase production quantity, so we decided to purchase the land and built owned workshop to reduce existing factory rent and the transport huge spending between the branches, and expanded production scale, meet existing customers needs. So we set up a current private enterprise in 2002 year, have the purchased land and own-built buildings registered in the Kaoteng company name.

Kaoteng Products Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Kaoteng), is one of a very few of handicraft factories have a composite material with design and production capacity. From building materials to daily goods and various arts and crafts production, such as: mosaic Windows and doors, Garden decorations, shopping carts, photo frame, candle holder, wall hanging decorations, mirrors, clocks and a variety of hanging ornaments, daily goods, bathroom appliances and kitchen appliances. Export to Europe, America, Japan, and Canada, Asia and other countries, it’s with offices, workshop and showroom in China, and has its own Ministry of foreign trade. The business has been growing continuously in operation for 28 years.

In order to get touch with the international market well, apart from accept customers orders for production , we also has lineup strong of development sector for customer do professional of design development, to let design can meet both domestic and abroad of market trend needs, we hired senior designers from different countries, in practice of using we attention structure streamlined of possibilities and material using of breakthrough, the purpose is let customer and we can reach win-win through cost savings. Also because of this vertical integration manufacturing capabilities, our price, quality and lead time always maintain a leading edge in the industry. So, after years of hard work, our company has long-term and famous customers around the world, such as Kawajun、Disney、Hallmark、Target、Umbra、Kohls、 Home Depot、 Patylite、Wal-mark、BBB、ELSA L、Mamax、Joann、Henzo、John Lewis、Next、Booths、 BHS、BHV、Aaron Brothers、Cost Plus、Pottery Barn、Hobby Lobby、Bombay …etc. We stabilize old customers and attract new customers by constant innovation and development.

Our factory has17 different departments for different material processing. We master multiple production technology, with bevel and carved glass, air-spray color, hand-painted,  iron pieces stamping, precision lathe, metal die-cast, manual carving for wood and alloy, laser engraving and cutting, and mosaic inlay, silk printing, pad printing, hot stamping imprint, dried flowers lamination, fusion glass, painting, electroplating, sandblast, sculpture, workers die, power coating, shaped MDF die-cast, and multi-colors wood lamination, woven…etc, and these technology can be used in glass, metal, iron wire, alloy, wood, and polyresin, MDF and a variety of natural materials which are familiar by us. With the advantages of combining a variety of materials and technology, our company can produce all kinds of building materials of high, medium and low, pendulum gifts and home accessories and supplies, kitchen supplies, bathroom supplies… etc.